What is GeoZone?

GeoZone is a network of free, GPS enabled travel apps used by thousands of tourists in New Zealand, every day. Register your business with GeoZone to get instant visibility and unparalleled opportunity to connect with tourists nearby your business.

GeoZone lets you:

How can I advertise?

It’s simple. Choose the plan that best suits your business and register. Once we receive your registration we’ll call you to verify your business then once accepted you’ll be shown to tourists using the apps. PLUS All registered businesses will get early access to our self-managed location based advertising platform, allowing you to push out a last minute offer to tourists within 20kms of your business.

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Register your business and get in front of thousands of tourists using one of our GPS enabled travel apps.

Over the last three years we’ve seen huge growth in the number of our customers using smartphones as their primary navigation device while they travel around New Zealand. We’re now seeing the emergence of technically savy travellers.
Grant Webster, CEO Tourism Holdings Limited

Did you know that..

52% of smartphone users prefer receiving offers on their mobile device

Once registered with GeoZone, you can create time and location sensitive deals shown to tourists within 20km of your business, giving you instant results.

how deals work Watch a 1 min video

How do I get started?

Getting registered with GeoZone is simple. Choose which category your business is in, add the details about your business then we’ll call you to verify you and your business. Once approved, your business is immediately shown in our travel apps under your chosen category, making you visible to thousands of tourists using GeoZone apps daily.

You also get access to a number of business tools.

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