Privacy Policy


We at GeoZone understand the importance of privacy and we take this responsibility seriously. We’ve created this page to give some transparency over how we collect data, what we do with it and how we protect it.

GeoZone consists of both mobile app users that are travelling around Australia and New Zealand, plus businesses that use our web interface and register to view this data. The mobile app users use the app to find locations of facilities nearby their current location such as campsites, dump stations, activities, public toilets and more. We use GPS to determine their current location. Businesses using our web interface register their business then can place last minute deals which are distributed to those tourists using one of our apps within a 20km radius of their business. Basically, we use technology and the transfer of data to connect the two together.

We take this responsibility seriously, and take appropriate measures to protect privacy.

Users of the apps

All of our GeoZone connected apps collect data unless the user opts to not share this with us (which they do in their device settings).

We collect the following anonymous data from the user:

We don’t collect any personal information on the user.

We collect this data anonymously meaning we don’t know who the users of our apps are. There is no login or registration function in any of the apps, meaning our apps are 100% completely anonymous. The extent of personal details stored in our database are:

We use this location data to pass on notifications for nearby last minute deals and other important information such as road alerts/area warnings. The last minute deals are placed by tourism operators through our web interface (as mentioned earlier). Location of the user is taken when the app is both open and when it is minimised and operating in the background. When the app is opened, they will see a small in app notification appear at the bottom of the screen. If a user is running the app in the background, they will receive a notification to the device notification centre that informs them there is a deal nearby their current location.

We also use this data to provide aggregate analytics on where users of the apps are travelling in New Zealand and Australia.

We stop capturing location:

If the user has not opened the app for 10 days, the app will no longer capture location and no more notifications will be delivered. We have created this logic so that location is only tracked when the app is being used. If the user opens the app after this 10 day period, the app will start capturing location again.

Prior to using one of our apps, our users will agree to the following terms:

Before you start...

The locations contained within this {specific name of app} app are the result of over three years working with local council authorities, government, associations and also from travellers adding new locations from within this very app. [+ button] If you like the app, contribute by adding a new location yourself like an undiscovered public toilet, your best interesting travel tip or reporting an issue through the ‘Something Wrong Here’ %@ button.


We are checking our locations and adding new ones on a daily basis. We do our very best to make sure our locations are accurate but with a growing database of over 25,000 locations, it’s an ongoing task performed by a passionate group of kiwis to help you with your travels. There’s always the chance of locations being less than 100% accurate, so please use our coordinates as a guide only. You’ll appreciate that we cannot be held responsible for the occasions where these locations are wrong, or for any loss or damage howsoever relating to the locations. However, you can tell us through the ‘Something Wrong Here’ button. You ensure the app or device will not be operated by, or used to distract the driver of the vehicle and that we cannot be held liable for any injury or loss resulting from this.

We also rely on our business partners to make deals available via this app in accordance with the arrangements we have agreed with them. We are not responsible or liable for the actions or omissions of our business partners, including where a problem with the site or any of our suppliers or business partners results in the deal no longer being available (in whole or in part).


We have spent significant time and resource to collect and develop the information on this app. We are happy for you to use this information for your own personal use, free of charge within this app. However, if you use or intend to use any of our information for commercial purposes, you must obtain our written permission first. Any location, image, data and other content that is submitted through this app or sent to us through email and all intellectual property rights therein (together, the “Content”) becomes (upon submission) GeoZone’s sole and exclusive property. Once verified by us, we make this available to you on the app under these terms. You hereby assign and transfer to GeoZone all of your rights in and to the Content.


You use this app without providing any personal information. This app doesn’t automatically collect any personal information about you. However, we do log some non-personal information such as location. This information cannot be used to identify you and will only be used for discount, road alert and administrative purposes. We promise to comply with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1993.

Enjoy your travels!

Protection of your data

We also take precautions about how we protect this data that we collect. We use industry standard security and encryption products and practices to protect our infrastructure. We don’t store passwords or other sensitive information in plain text.

Data made public through the apps

On the business web interface the data we collect is what is supplied by the business upon registration such as:

Data kept private

We also collect private information which is supplied by the business representative, and is not made public such as:

In both cases, this information is supplied by user during the signup process. All businesses that register will have agreed to the GeoZone terms and conditions.

We hope this page has highlighted our commitment to transparency and showing you what data we collect, how we collect it and how we protect it. If you have any further questions, please email