I have another question, how can I reach you?

Feel free to email and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can. Or call us on (03) 383 8000.

What is GeoZone actually?

GeoZone is a network of GPS enabled travel apps being used by thousands of tourists each day to find information. We help your business get discovered in two ways. One way is a general advertising listing under an appropriate category. For example, if your business provides an activity such as sea kayaking, we would place you under ‘What to do’ where you can have a description, photos, contact details for tourists to find out about you. The second way, is through our location based deals platform which is available to all members. Here, you can push a deal out to all those tourists within a 20km radius of your business and they see a notification that you have an offer available.

How do I get my business on your apps?

You need to register your business and select a plan in your appropriate category. You can start the registration process here.

Why isn’t my category open for registrations?

Currently we’re only accepting registrations from holiday parks, hostels and activities/attractions. Contact us and we’ll notify you as soon as we make your category available for registrations.

Why is there a free option for some sectors (accommodation)?

We work with a number of associations and this is part of the negotiated agreement with them.

Why isn’t there a free option for the activities and attractions sector?

We haven’t included a free option for activities and attractions because there is a lot more value than a business registering in the accommodation category. Any business registering in that category will appear in an additional four apps over a business in the accommodation category.

What information are you tracking?

We track non-personal information such as:

You can view an overview of our privacy policy here which explains our stance on privacy.

What apps will see the deal?

Depending on your type of deal, it will be shown instantly across a range of travel apps such as the CamperMate app, thl Roadtrip and many more. Here are some:


What if someone claims a deal, but we can’t honour it due to weather?

In this case, we recommend you offer then a rain check and negotiate this with the customer. As a last option you have 48 hours after the end of the deal to click ‘refund user’ and their payment will be refunded to them. If you do this after the 48 hour period, you will be liable for any charge back fees. You can read more about this here.

How does the system work once I’m logged in?

You might find this video below helpful.

Who does the tourist pay?

The tourist will pay the full price in the app. So when they arrive at your business with a voucher, their payment has been approved.

What’s a success fee?

A success fee is our fee for the service and includes the credit card fees. This fee is only charged on deals claimed and is between 12% and 15%, depending on which plan you are on. We handle the payment for the deal and our success fee is subtracted from the revenue. We make payments each Tuesday back into your account. Note that payments are only completely processed 48 hours after the deal has ended, you can keep track of all payments we make to you under ‘My Payments’.

How do I manage the voucher codes?

You can see the unique codes that are automatically generated based on the number of vouchers you have made available, from within the website. You’ll get a text message and an email each time the deal is claimed. You can also print a PDF which will have a list of the codes and as tourists come in to claim the codes, you can simply cross them off the sheet.

What does priority mean?

This means that when screen space becomes limited, those businesses with a higher priority will have a higher chance of staying on screen. You can watch this short video here.

Who is behind GeoZone?

We are a small but passionate team of six based in Christchurch, you can read about us here.

Do you have a guide on responding to comments made about my business?

Yes, you can find our ‘Best Practices’ document on responding to comments, here.