Location based advertising - How can it work for you?

Get more customers through your door with our innovative location based advertising tool. You simply login to your GeoZone account and can push a last minute offer out to all tourists using one of our GeoZone connected apps within a 20km radius of your business. It’s self managed, so you can schedule the deal to start immediately, or schedule it for later. You can also set the amount you’re willing to discount and how many vouchers are available.

No matter what plan you decide, any GeoZone registered business will have access to this tool once logged in. Best yet, you only pay for results.

If you don’t get results, you don’t pay. For every deal that gets claimed, we charge a small success fee on deals claimed (between 12% and 15% depending on your plan).

For example, if you’re a jet boat operator and you want to push out a last minute offer for a $100 boat ride (discounted from $150), anyone that is within 20kms of your business will see it and those interested will claim a voucher through the app. The full payment for the discounted deal is also made through the app so when they turn up with a voucher, you can be sure they have paid in full. We will then deposit the money minus the success fee into your account each Tuesday.

Still not convinced? Check out this video for more:

You can also read our guide on how to place a deal